Top 7 H.I.I.T workout moves

For the love of High Intensity Interval Training otherwise known as H.I.I.T.  The concept of this workout is to utilize high and medium impact exercises to demand more oxygen from your muscles.  If we really want to get fancy that term is called EPOC (excessive post oxygen consumption).  The science behind 30 minutes of H.I.I.T. workouts is that it builds leaner muscle mass, preserves muscle, and allows you to burn calories LONG after the workout. The harder you work with short rests the more EPOC you create and the calorie burn is LONGER. Can I get a "whoop"?  You may be one of those people that absolutely hates working out and maybe you LOVE anything that involves getting fit.  You are probably thinking, people actually love working out?  I am going to raise my hand for this one because I love to exercise  and pushing myself to the point I want to puke feels kinda good.  I'm a weirdo...I know.   You might be thinking, is H.I.I.T. for anyone?  YES!! All fitness levels are welcome to try one of these workouts.    Your fitness journey is unique, so a tuck jump for one fitness level is just as good as a squat for someone just beginning.

Life is BUSY.  I know most of us barely have time to eat breakfast and if hours could be sold I would be first in line.  If you don't like to workout then going to the gym might seem daunting so here's the can do all these moves from home.  If you are one of those people who HATE to exercise or find yourself not sticking to something then I highly recommend to find an accountability partner for 30 days.  Yes!!!! 30 days.   It could be your neighbor, your spouse, your arch enemy...just find someone to make you accountable. Once you have the COMMITMENT mindset you are ready because that is the first step!

Here are  my TOP 7 H.I.I.T moves!

1.  BURPEES shape your arms, chest, glutes, hamstrings, and abs. Start standing with feet slightly outside your hips.  Then bring your body to a squat, then bring your hands under your shoulders with hands FLAT on the ground and jump your feet back to plank position then jump back to start position and jump straight into the air. If you are a beginner you would walk your feet back vs. jumping and squat vs the jump.

2.  PUSH UPS are a classic move and I integrate them in all my workouts.  They shape your arms, abs, and lower body. You can do push-ups on your knees or toes.  Hands are WIDE and FLAT on the floor with fingertips in line with your shoulders.  You aim to line your chest with elbows when coming down and then press up.  Lock your abs in and use the palms of your hands to power your body up.  Hint:  Connect your breathing by inhaling down and exhaling on the way up on the press.

3.  JUMP LUNGES will target a variety of muscles that will tone your bottom half.  You will shape you glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.  You will engage your hips and abs when done correctly.  Square your hips forward with a LONG stride back (back heel off the ground).  Your goal is to get your front thigh parallel to the ground.  Back knee is almost kissing the floor.  Form is everything on the lunges so make sure your shoulders are in line with your hips and back knee.  Think like an elevator with an up down motion vs. leaning forward.  Use your arms to momentum your body and think HIGH.  The intensity comes from the power and height of the lunge.  Option:  Step back without the plyo jump.

4.  DONKEY KICKS will shape your abs, shoulders, glutes and more!  Place your hands under shoulders so that you are in plank position.  The goal is to jump both of your knees into your chest vs. kicking your butt and then back to plank position.  The intensity comes from the rapid motion and speed of the donkey kick. Keep your butt low because as you fatigue your body will start to either move into an inverted V or slump due to lack of abdominal strength.  Option is to frog jump where instead of bringing both knees into chest you will keep your feet firmly on the floor by hopping both feet under your knees and then back to plank position. 

5.  JAB-JAB with shape your abs and upper body.  Place your feet outside your hips with a slight bend in both of your knees. Make sure your hips are facing forward.  Bring your hands up to cheekbones and extend your arm as long as possible without LOCKING your arms.  The goal is to bring your fist back to your SHOULDER and extend back out.  Aim your two big knuckles at an imaginary nose, lips and mouth. A big hint is to keep your shoulders loose to fire the punch.  The intensity lies in the power of the punch and your SPEED.  

6.  SQUAT JUMPS will shape your quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, calves and core.  Place your feet outside your hips and bend your knees.  Use your arms and core to power your body upward landing with your feet toe, ball, heel with a soft landing outside your hips.  The goal is to reach for the stars.  The lower you get the higher your jump.  Use Speed and height to get your heart rate up.  Option is to take out the jump and simple squat.  When performing the squat the target is to get your butt right about knee level and keep your chest up with weight in your heels.  Think of sitting your butt back as if there is a charge behind you.  The common mistake in the squat is to plie like a ballerina so to correct that think butt back.

7.  MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS are an entire body workout.  This move will shape your deltoids, biceps, triceps, pecs, abs, quads, hamstrings and your adductors.  Place your hands under your shoulders and literally pretend you are running.  The goal is to bring your knees to chest as you run.  The intensity comes from speed and proper form. Option: Slow down the move by walking your feet vs. sprinting.

Execute each of the 7 moves for 30 seconds each with 10 seconds of recovery between each move.  I recommend 10 rounds of work and that would give you 30 minutes of an amazing workout.  Happy exercising and let me know your favorite move!


Jeanette Stoneman