My name is Jeanette Stoneman and I am a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council of Exercise.   I completely understand how being a busy person can get in the way of our fitness goals.  I personally have had to find the balance in juggling family, work, and my health to achieve my own personal goals.



Oh my!  I'm just being real.  This was the first time EVER that I wasn't comfortable in a bathing suit.  I'm smiling through gritted teeth and I remember after seeing this picture that I wanted to make a change for myself.  It was then when i also realized that I wanted to help cheer and coach others along their journey to health.  


I would absolutely love to be able to help coach and guide you along your fitness journey.  You just need to be ready to make that change! I will be your accountability partner until we hit your goals.  My coaching is very personal and we are in contact through phone or email. Since my coaching is hands on, I only fill my plate with what I can handle so that you can get a coach that can give you 100%.  

I have an extensive background in fitness and specialize and hold certifications in many specific areas of group exercise.  I am currently the group fitness manager at Gold's Gym and all of my personal training is either online coaching, one on one, or group bootcamp style classes. Your workout plans are catered to you and around your fitness goals.  I believe in making short attainable goals so that you can see your progress along with weekly assessments to evaluate your achievements. 

If you are interested in a 4 week individualized workout plan my rates begin at $99.   

Personal One on One Training Rates:

  • One 1 hr. $60
  • Six 1 hr. $299 Save $61
  • Ten 1 hr. $480 Save $120

Group rates:

  • Two Participants One 1 hr. $30 each    Ten 1 hr. $240 each
  • Three Participants One 1 hr. $20 each   Ten 1 hr. $160 each
  • Four Plus Participants One 1 hr. $15 each   Ten 1 hr. $120 each


Today is my tomorrow. It’s up to me to shape it. To take control and seize every opportunity. The power is in the choices I make each day. I eat well, I live well. I shape me!

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